Comprehensive and Systemic Approach

Comprehensive and Systemic Approach


At Culture Setting we use a comprehensive and systemic approach to the process of transforming leadership and organisational culture, based on the Ken Wilber model.

The model allows the probability of delivering profound and sustainable results to be increased.

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Developing and transforming culture is substantive, structured work that involves developing more agile leadership cultures, transforming how people interact, and aligning management systems to promote coherence and align behaviours around a desired culture.

The diagnosis is based on designing the intended leadership culture and to design the intervention.

The intervention is designed based on two Structured Programmes from Business Setting.

It is leveraged in systems that should be reviewed and optimised to be in strict alignment with the desired culture.

The process chosen depends on the state of organisational maturity of each client, and the intended degree of change.

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The process of transforming organisational culture is done by focusing on the leadership culture, because it is the component of organisational culture that defines the rules and expectations around people’s behaviour.
Transform leadership culture, and you’ll transform organisational culture!