Diagnosing and Designing Culture

Diagnosing and Designing Culture


Culture Diagnostic Services
The objective is to snapshot and understand the company’s culture and promote collective consciousness around the strengths and weaknesses of organisational culture, in order to lead with the external environment and the challenges of the business. It also applies to mergers and acquisitions.

The process of diagnosis and design is a profound process of listening to the organisation and its needs and, above all, of collective alignment and dialogue around the culture; it shows the various tensions that exist in organisations and makes it possible to identify the gap between what leaders say they do, and the reality of day-to-day practices.

At Business Setting, we diagnose the Organisational and Leadership Culture using the Leadership Culture Survey (LCS) . It is a tool that assesses the current and desired cultures, and which creates a common language and a “framework” for change. The organisation’s results are compared with the worldwide benchmark.

The LCS is complemented by a qualitative diagnosis. At the end of the process it functions as a tool for measuring the success of the organisational intervention.

Diagnostico E Desenho De Cultura

Culture Design Services
The outputs created in this stage of design result from a permanent dialogue between the organisation’s key interlocutors in the process of co-creation and alignment around values, principles and practices that they want to introduce to the organisation. The executive team must lead this design process and model the desired change.

The following results from this work:
. The creation of a Leadership “Statement” for the organisation which clarifies the mission of each leader, and the establishment of the principles and practices of leadership, in strict alignment with the values, as well as consolidating the skills model.
. Design or consolidation of the organisation’s values, where necessary.
. Verification of the suitability of HR management systems, and decision making about which systems and processes to adjust.
. Designing the intervention to transform culture (Programmes). Culture Design Services