Systematic Team Coaching

Systematic Team Coaching


Activates the team’s potential and collective intelligence, meaning it acts as a catalyst and a driver of performance.

Systemic Team Coaching is a process in which each Coach works with a natural team, with the simultaneous objectives of improving the team’s collective performance, functionality and productivity.

The objective is to improve the performance of each team member individually, the quality of relationships and collaboration in the team, and to improve the team’s interdependence with its key interlocutors.

The emphasis is on developing confidence, creating more open, authentic and courageous relationships, and support between team members, with a basis of profound, high-impact feedback.

Team Coaching Sistemico

It involves working on neutralising limiting behaviours and beliefs in the team, and using productive conflict to create divergence and reduce the phenomenon of “group thinking” to create a focus on a common goal.

It is a structured process in which, just as in individual Coaching, the process and 11 competencies of ICF Coaching are used, as well as the conduct code.

It may include diagnostics, assessments, formal inputs, experiential exercises, facilitating dialogues, shadowing, feedback and the development of skills that promote the team’s growth and development.