Transformation with U Theory

Transformation with U Theory


The challenges of business transformation, today and always, are cultural transformation challenges.

Transformação Com A Teoria U

Although they will be treated as worlds apart over the years, each one has its methodologies:

Transformação Com A Teoria U Metodologia

A U Journey makes it possible to achieve Organisational Transformation by linking the world of business and people

It’s a transformation methodology for people and organisations, developed by MIT and the Presencing Institute, that promotes a process of developing individual and collective awareness around complex challenges and problems that have no solution.

Transformação Com A Teoria U Journey

The process promotes dialogue, collective learning and co-creation of solutions by key interlocutors, both those who are internal and external to the organisation, thus accelerating change.

It entails changes to mental models, in the form of relationship and dialogue and the capacity for action, and as a result, changes to the Company Culture.

The process has five stages that are applied to a business or organisational challenge, a project, or leadership and culture.