Systems and Information

We combine data and technology to enable our clients to capture value created on the market.

We put data and technology at the service of tangible business objectives.

Today, we know that you can’t cook a fried egg on a grill.
Likewise, depending on your objectives and ingredients, that’s what suitable systems will be…

The objectives are yours. Allow us to help to enrich your “recipe” as a whole. Gain perspective and improve systems and information that are incompatible, inappropriate or insufficient for your business objectives.


With our technological partners, we combine the necessary skills to implement and manage solutions (systems and services) to improve your company’s performance.


Business decisions are always made taking into account the available information. We help our clients to identify the relevant informational assets, both internal and external, in the face of the business objectives at hand.

Allow us to integrate your business objectives with our suitable systems and the information that best empowers them!


Our work process in three stages
We are specialists in capturing the necessities and challenges of our Clients. We combine corporate strategy with best practices and solutions on the market.


Strategy and planning

We identify your business objectives and the underlying drivers.
We identify data, information and systems aligned with these objectives.
We define a suitable strategy in the short, medium and long term in the implementation of new systems and information in the processes of business decision making, prioritising quick wins.


Efficiency and Quality

Through innovation, we act with the latest technological tools to overcome the new development challenges.


Delivery and Generating Value

We accompany implementation and we enable your organisation to be able to manage the transformation of the new systems and information.
We are renowned amongst our Clients for generating high added value results to their business.


Our offer is built around:

Systems consulting

We help our Clients choose the systems that are best adapted to their business objectives, in the face of the available information.

Systems that support the conversion of data into information and actions. We know that information is only effective when it enables operation. We deliver systems that provide timely and precise information to be able to operate and evaluate performance, always aiming at growing value (MORE SALES, GREATER EFFICIENCY).


Data consulting

Focused on value, quality and governance of data and information. Business decisions are always made considering the available information. We help our clients identify relevant information assets – both internal and external – against the business objectives at stake.

We have a socio-demographic cartography of Portugal, which complies with the most recent regulations from the GDPR.


Transforming Data into Information

As a rule, data only “speaks” when it is properly “questioned”. Any analysis for the purpose of describing or prescribing presupposes an abstraction; a synthesis of the information seeking to describe or anticipate an event that is of interest to the business. We are specialists in analysing information by synthesising multi-dimensional realities in “sufficient” indicators, which retain the flavour of interest.

Specific Solutions

The solutions presented are a materialisation of our capacities:
systems, data and algorithms that support decision-making and the development of the business.

Dynamic Routing

Dynamic Delivery

Dynamic Sales

Location Intelligence






more than 20 years of experience
in project management
(requirement gathering, analysis and development)



more than 150 projects completed
in different sectors



Projects carried out in
10 different countries

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